Yvonne Shearer is an international photographer. Born in London, England; with family roots also in Ireland & New Zealand.

Currently based back in London. She was last based in New Zealand for 6 years.

Since the age of three Yvonne has had an interest in photography. Often at the time asking “Can I take a picture?” or just scrambling for the camera without asking. 

This interest was revived at the age of 16 in Kent, England. Following Yvonne with her (return) move to New Zealand, where she studied both NCEA & International Cambridge in Photography. 

Yvonne has explored a number of styles, techniques & genres throughout her years in the photographic industry. Deciding to go against the current of specializing in one field she casts herself through many. Particularly drawn to people Yvonne’s Photographic work focuses on Portraiture within Fashion, Music & Events. For More information on Yvonne's work, bookings & inquiries, or just to say hello, feel free to get in touch.

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