2016 In Review

I think it’s important for everyone to look back on whats happened in the past year. Including the negatives because often we find huge positives that have come after. 

I originally started doing this year in review reflection for just work. I know try to do it for the year as a whole.

I’ve made a video to summaries some of my year! Check it out below :)

I started the new year in Melbourne, Australia

Travel to Los Angeles to visit family. 

Travel to London (which is now my home again) 

Donated my hair to The Little Princess Trust

Went to Ireland for a funeral (3 family members in total past this year)

Photographed at London Fashion Week 

Went to Manchester (once for friends, once for work)

Donated my time to - Loowatt, National Autistic Society, YGAP/Polished Man, Haven House & Royal London Society for the Blind.

National Autistic Society had me photograph some cool stuff - graffiti artists, pop up shops, marathons and abseiling. 

Worked for the Autistic accreditation - traveled to Manchester and covered conferences.

Shot Mens Street Style Fashion for Ideal Man. 

Attended London Pride.

Wrote an article on consent in the music & photographic industry.

Wrote an article on a reflection of life since my friend Chantelle past away.

Travel to Exeter.

Worked with YGAP/Polished man photographing ambassadors - nick mill co project, James Duigan the founder of Bodyism, and Karl Lokko. The official London launch, attended comic con. 

Wrote an open letter to Zak d’Larté, addressing the issues around violating copyright.

Photographed for Haven house - covering the adorable pumpkin plod event

Hosted several workshops and one on one private tutoring. 

Head shots for business, actors etc, Boudoir shoots.

Photographed and filmed Lucky Chops at their London show on their Euro Tour.

Traveled to Paris. 

Experienced the best weather I’v seen in years!

Smashed 2 laptop screens and 1 phone.

That is my year in review, there is stuff missing from being mentioned and there is too much to put into one video! I’v learnt a lot this year and I’m excited to put it all to good use in the new year.

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