Chop & Change - Myrto F

For a number of years now I have been growing and then donating my hair. Each time I get it cut I get a little braver and my hair gets a little shorter. I have spoken to many women over the years about this process and time and time again they seem intrigued at the idea, think its wonderful but are hesitant themselves to have a go.

I wanted to do more then just donate my hair. I want to show other women that though it may seem scary to change your style and have a part of you taken away. That change can be a positive thing. 

I’v teamed up with individuals to photograph their before and after transformations to show just how wonderful it all can be. As well as getting some insight into them and their decisions to make the chop!

First was Rachel, now here is Myrto! 

Which charity are you donating to? 
It is a Greek charity called Alma Zois - Leap of Life - and it supports women with breast cancer. I felt like donating my hair to a charity back in Greece where I come from. “Alma Zois” was founded in 1988 by breast cancer survivors, who aspired to offer the necessary emotional support to every breast cancer patient, in order to help her deal with her illness and achieve a better quality of life. Every Association’s member, as well as the Board of Directors, are breast cancer survivors.

Is this your first time taking the chop?
Yes, I had never cut my hair that much.

What has inspired you to make these donations?
A friend of mine had done it back in 2014 and then I saw your post at Girlcrew group and decided that if I ever took the chop I would donate my hair.

How do you feel now that you have made the chop!? 
I feel like a different person, I haven’t really realised it yet as it’s been hardly a week but definitely feel lighter! Lots of daily routine tasks that I had never thought of are easier as well. I had very positive feedback from friends and family too!

What advice would you give others who are thinking about doing this for the first time? 
It is absolutely worth it, knowing that the hair will go to the ones that need it the most, I really encourage all women that consider cutting their hair that much to donate them if the hair is suitable. 

Where and who did your new look? 
I cut it at Rush Chiswick and my hair stylist was Maria, she was so helpful as she had done it before.

Any other info you would like to add, maybe a bit about yourself, what inspires you.
I have always had long hair as I felt like it suited my personality but recently I have been reconsidering my style as well as some of my life choices and realised that a shorter haircut would suit plus it is becoming very popular as well. I also needed a big change as I turned 35 shortly after the start of the New Year and felt like starting something new. I felt surprisingly well and realised that a very realistic new year resolution would be to care more about others and get more involved in charity/volunteering :)

If you too would like to book a shoot to document your before and after. Please click here to email me.

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