Lucky Chops

The Lucky Chops are a brass band from New York City. Currently on their Euro Tour 2016-17. They preformed in London at The Electric Ballroom last week to a sold out audience. 

With the amount of energy they gave it was like they where stepping on stage for the first night of their tour. The positive vibes poured out into the lively crowd; who from the first note where already grooving. 

The transitions between songs was smooth and seamless. Their set was an hour and a half long, not once did the energy slip!

Before starting their song Miami Josh Holcomb introduces it with some words about the shooting that happened earlier in the year at the LBGTI+ friendly club Pulse and giving some uplifting words  “We The Lucky Chops believe that the world needs right now is two things. It need’s for us to stand up for what is right and it needs for us to love one another; so we can move forward into the future as a better human race, as a better planet. Never use violence and come to a similar understanding because at the end of the day we are all human beings, we have that much in common, thats enough to love one another everybody, so please love one another make the world a better place”.

They believe that positive music can change the world. Daro Behroozi introduced their song Stand which is dedicated to Standing Rock “Standing up for the land, standing up for water, because water is life”.

These men are talented musicians and passionate performers, go give their Facebook page a like and check out the next show they do near you. 

Below are the photographs I took that night.

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