When pleasure doesn’t motivate you, not even Paris!

My friend Chérif and I met during our last year of high school (I moved to a new school) in Auckland New Zealand. A few years later he moved to Australia to study. My trip to Australia December 2015 - January 2016 we tried to meet up, but our schedules didn’t match. So when he moved to France last year we decided to meet up in Paris over the christmas break.

I traveled by coach from London to Paris which took around 9 hours and he traveled by coach from Lyon.

I had this vision in my mind of the type of video I wanted to make of my time in Paris. However when I sat down at the computer nothing was motivating me to get creative with the footage.

With each day ticking by I stared to resent myself even more, it started to become this burden. I kept trying to tell myself, just sit down and get on with it. The more I told myself this the more it felt like work.

I love my job and when I’m doing work specifically for clients it is my sole focus and I thrive off it. So in the greatest irony when I do things for myself, doing it for pleasure, I loose motivation. It has no true deadline and no real purpose (other then to make me happy).

I’m happy I made this video and that I can share it with you. I hope to find more motivation in the future. 

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