Chop & Change - Giulia Panozzo

2020 to 2021 has been a time of lockdowns. Due to this many individuals have been locked out of accessing hair salons. Some have braved home haircuts and others have waited patiently. With the wait comes growth and for many, that has given them the opportunity to consider donating their hair.

I have donated my hair many times & each time I get it cut I get a little braver and my hair gets a little shorter. I have spoken to many women over the years
about this process and time and time again they seem intrigued at the idea, think it’s wonderful but are hesitant themselves to have a go.

I wanted to do more than just donate my hair. I want to show other women that though it may seem scary to change your style and have a part of you taken away. That change can be a positive thing. 

I’ve teamed up with individuals to photograph their before and after transformations to show just how wonderful it all can be. As well as getting some insight into them and their decisions to make the

First was Rachel, then Myrto & now Giulia!

Is this your first time taking the chop?
Yes! Last time I cut my hair this short was 18 years ago.

Which charity are you donating to?
I’m donating to the Little Princess Trust which uses hair donations to create wigs for children and young people who’ve lost their hair due to treatment of cancer or other illnesses.

What has inspired you to make these donations?
A couple of years ago during an impro class I cut quite a big chunk of hair as part of a scene and one of my fellow students was shocked because they said I had wasted a potential donation with such long hair! I didn’t even know that one could donate it, so I started researching and got inspired by the work that the Little Princess Trust does for children who’ve lost their own hair. After that, I could not imagine seeing my long locks on the floor anymore without feeling like I had wasted an opportunity to help, so I decided that if I was going to cut, it would be for a good cause.

How do you feel now that you have made the chop!?
I’m feeling great! I was looking forward to a change because anytime I’d go to a hairdresser expecting to get a transformation, I didn’t really get it because of the very long hair I used to have, which made any normal cut just look the same as when I walked in. Whereas now I do have a different look and I’m looking forward to experimenting with it!

What advice would you give others who are thinking about doing this for the first time?
I know that many women are very attached to their hair and weary to cut it, mainly because we are always taught that long hair is associated with femininity and beauty, but first, that is just a misconception and second, hair grows back if you really don’t like it short after you’ve cut! Try it first and you’ll love the sense of freedom and empowerment that comes with changing style and helping people at the same time!

Where and who did your new look?
I got my haircut at Tabard Barbers (who are soon going to change their name to Tabard Hair), near Borough Station. Céline was amazing, she knew exactly what to do as she’s dealt with donations before and she made sure I was happy with my new look, making adjustments along the way. I was smiling throughout the cut looking at my transformation unfolding! I definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to donate (or just to get a haircut they’re going to be happy with).  

Any other info you would like to add, maybe a bit about yourself, what inspires you.
I am a former professional figure skater and creative at heart, but like many others in London, I had to trap that part of me into a tiny box that would fit into the corporate world to pay the bills. However, my heart is not ready to give up the spotlight and the sequins yet, so I still skate as much as I can and dream of going back to skating in front of an audience for a living. This new haircut really gives me showgirl vibes so, who knows, maybe it’ll bring me luck - and back to the stage soon! You can follow my skating journey on Instagram. At the moment I’m also training to run the London Landmarks Half Marathon for another charity, Tommy’s, who provides support to families with a pregnancy loss history, so if you want to sponsor another great cause, please head to

If you have yet to get back into the salon chair, consider the next time you do, donating your hair and if you too would like to book a shoot to document your before and after. Please click here to email me.

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