The Chronicles of a Pixel Pixie

  1. Charity, Church & Comedy

    20 Apr 2017
    Tuesday Night the charity Haven House children’s hospice held their first ever comedy night and it was in a church! Think its safe to say that the whole set up was a first for many, even for the comedians. It was interesting to witness people who’s job it is to be skilful…

  2. London Fashion Showcase

    18 Feb 2017
    Around the corner from Store Studio where LFW takes place this year. Gibraltar’s House premier’s its first fashion event. The first time ever for a government embassy to host a fashion showcase.
 Strictly invitation only an array of press, buyers, influencers and VIP’s attended the event. Arriving at Gibraltar one…

  3. When pleasure doesn’t motivate you, not even Paris!

    03 Feb 2017
    My friend Chérif and I met during our last year of high school (I moved to a new school) in Auckland New Zealand. A few years later he moved to Australia to study. My trip to Australia December 2015 - January 2016 we tried to meet up, but our schedules didn’t match.…

  4. 2016 In Review

    31 Dec 2016
    I think it’s important for everyone to look back on whats happened in the past year. Including the negatives because often we find huge positives that have come after.  I originally started doing this year in review reflection for just work. I know try to do it for the year…

  5. Lucky Chops

    03 Dec 2016
    The Lucky Chops are a brass band from New York City. Currently on their Euro Tour 2016-17. They preformed in London at The Electric Ballroom last week to a sold out audience.  With the amount of energy they gave it was like they where stepping on stage for the first night of their…

  6. Haven House Pumpkin Plod

    25 Oct 2016
    Sunday 23rd October Haven House hosted their annual Pumpkin Plod event. Recored numbers of 500 children and adults attended. The event was sold out. 

 Starting and finishing at Haven House Plodder’s got to pick a 2k or 5k walk through Epping Forest. Throughout marshals greeted the walkers with tricks…

  7. An open letter to Mr Zakk (Davies) d’Larté

    18 Sep 2016
    Dear Zakk,  I really didn’t want to write something so public, but it seems that this may be the only way to get your full attention. If you haven’t noticed by now (although your un-friending of me on Facebook indicates otherwise) there is a disagreement between us. There may have…

  8. Chantelle I’ll try to Carpe Diem

    16 Aug 2016
    I had all these things I wanted to say and the moment that I looked at the piece of paper they disappeared. Two years is everything and nothing. Something reminds me of you every day, eating peanut butter, A Lana Del Rey song, ordering a drink in Starbucks. Everyone experiences…

  9. Phone Photography & Consent

    30 Jun 2016
    2014 Jackob at Galatos In the last week news has broken that Apple has been awarded the right to disable iPhone cameras at concerts. (If you’re not up to speed have a read of this article) DSLR’s have been banned from venues for decades, unless one was a professional with a media pass. They would be…

  10. NAS 2016 PopUp Shop

    11 Apr 2016
    The National Autism Society for World Autism Awareness Week made a cute pop up shop in Covent Garden.  I documented their amazing work. Its hard to believe that they put it all together in only a few hours! Check out the video below!  Music provided by the fantastic Jack Dawson. Go give…

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